Cloud Continuity for PC’s

If you have a PC that really can’t be down, we’ve got an excellent solution for you – how would you like to:

  • Recover individual files via web browser on demand, with full version control, so whether its complete failure, or a file you accidentally saved over, we can get it back for you
  • Rollback the entire machine to an earlier state – get a ransomware virus that encrypts your files? Windows update screw something up real good? Restore your machine to a last known good state
  • Restore your entire computer if it’s lost or stolen, or simply has a hard drive failure
  • Virtualize your PC in our cloud – if you have to do that one last project but your computer is down, finish it via a remote web based connection to a virtual copy of your pc!
  • Works with desktops and laptops – especially useful for laptops that are infrequently in the office to be backed up centrally.

Simple pricing: $15/month/computer, discounts with multiple machines

Does image based backups of your entire main drive, up to 1TB in size. If you need more or have multiple drives to protect, you can add on our other backup services.