Business Telephone Service

Business Class VOIP Telephone Service

What is VOIP service?

VOIP stands for Voice Over IPĀ  – it’s a technology that allows you to leverage the internet and your high speed internet connection to make and receive phone calls.

For our purposes, it represents a cost effective business-class phone service using your existing internet connection. It requires no phone lines, and you can make and receive calls from any other phone or system. It’s portable, so you can have remote offices or employees who work from home, all without wiring installation or involvement of the phone company.

It’s a phone on your desk just like your existing phone, or you can use a “softphone” on your mobile device or computer.

It’s $25.95/month or less per phone, and $2.95/month per phone number desired (you only need one, no matter how many concurrent calls you have)

We have several hundred phones under our management, backed by our support and a national provider’s infrastructure.
Ditch ATT and Comcast, and get a real business phone system for less than you ever thought possible.


Brad Dropping, Napa Valley Bike Tours Our functionality went through the roof having every benefit possible for free that AT&T charges for…caller id, conference calling, call waiting, voicemail, and everything else. VoIP actually has more functionality mimicking phone systems that huge corporations can only afford. … 30% cut in the phone bill with more functionality than you’ll ever need.