AVG Cloud Care

avg cloud care

Simple and free to set up, AVG CloudCareTM is the fast, flexible and affordable answer to more protection, more control and more productivity.

Centralized dashboard

AVG® AntiVirus

AVG® Content Filtering

Restriction level Real-time updates

One-click service activation

Monthly Billing No set-up costs

We are notified of any infections, and our support plan clients are fixed without further charge!

Provides visibility of your systems and generated alerts, showing infected devices, devices requiring attention, alert summary, summary of browsing activity, device overview.

Keeps your network and employees safe against online threats with the latest protection.

Reduces your exposure to web-distributed malware and limits personal use of the Internet.

Have the option to ‘Allow’, ‘Warn’ or ‘Block’ users attempting to access blacklisted/whitelisted sites. ON/OFF Work also allows you to set schedules to ‘Deny’ websites during working hours.

The most current protection will be applied the moment your employees go online.

No minimum contract fees. Simple pricing.

No licenses to track.

Whether you’re working on the network or on-the-go, know that your protection is always the very latest and best, and be the first to know if there are any issues.

Improve productivity

Use content filtering to manage personal use of the Internet and keep your employees focused on the things that move your business forward.

As little as $12/computer/year! Contact us for more info.