SentinelOne Singularity Core

Go beyond virus definitions – endpoint security easily deployed and managed, using behavioral rather than definition based scanning.

SentinelOne single-agent replaces your existing antivirus solution, and predicts, stops, and corrects the effects of malware and malicious behaviors in real time.

We are notified of any infections, and our support plan clients are fixed without further charge!

Provides visibility of your systems and generated alerts, showing infected devices, devices requiring attention, alert summary, summary of browsing activity, device overview.

Keeps your network and employees safe against online threats with the latest protection.

Reduces your exposure to web-distributed malware and limits personal use of the Internet.

The most current protection will be applied the moment your employees go online.

Whether you’re working on the network or on-the-go, know that your protection is always the very latest and best, and be the first to know if there are any issues.

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