About Us

David Mercer Consulting, Inc is an IT consulting group focused on helping small and medium businesses with their computing needs.
DMC believes in using best-of-breed technology, not relying on any one provider or system to supply it’s clients.

We have presence in Napa, Sacramento and soon Sonoma counties via our distributed workforce (all in-house) and service those areas and surrounding counties.  DMC specializes in the needs of small and medium business.

The Founder and CEO, David Mercer, has worked in the industry since 1989, and has been in business since 1992.  He is focused on keeping up with technology trends, and adapting to changing best practices in technology. In his spare time, he practices mixed martial arts.
David Mercer is based in the Napa Valley of California, and is available for speaking engagements.

DMC specializes in Cloud Technologies and support for small and medium businesses. We try to be a one stop shop to as great an extent as possible.

DMC works with other consultants with expertise in their various fields – this can include CMS systems, web design, Integration technologies, network wiring, etc…

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Member of Infragard (private/governmental partnership for protection of critical infrastructure)