Managed Backup

DMC has partnered with a number of backup service providers. We like to give our clients the best fit for their needs, and this means working with several different technology providers.

We install and monitor your backup service, and will alert you if a backup doesn’t complete successfully.

It does not require any hardware purchase in most use cases, and is billed on a monthly or quarterly basis.


Cloud Backup:
Workstation pricing: $20/month for clients on support; $30/month for clients that are not on support.
Cloud Backup takes a periodic snapshot of your system and allows us to restore individual files and even the entire system if you have a hardware failure. Especially useful in the age of WFH (work from home) and distributed workforces, where there isn’t a single location that can centrally back up.

Synology Active Backup for Business:
Takes a snapshot of your entire system and backs it up to the onsite synology box.  Historical rollback information is preserved, and you can restore the entire system or individual files as needed. If you have an existing synology box under support with us, you can backup your workstations for only $20/month each. Servers for $30/month each. Backups are also sent to cloud for offsite storage and safety.
Requires purchase or lease of Synology NAS hardware if you don’t have an appropriate unit already.

Synology C2:
Used when the synology is also the network share for a network, and backs up with retention and rotation, of shared folders on the device.

Features Benefits
448-bit Blowfish encryption Apply robust encryption during the backup process.
“Hot” backup of Exchange, SQL, and VMware Get native backup support while in production, without need for third-party plug-ins.
Version (snapshot) support Restore from multiple file versions saved up to 30 days in the past.
Automatic or scheduled backup Perform backups while your computer is not in use, or schedule backups at daily or weekly intervals.
Block-level incremental backups Save bandwidth and accelerate subsequent backups.
Open/locked file support Back up all open and locked files including Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook PST files.