Happy Clients

Traditions Behavioral Health

I have been a customer of David Mercer Consulting for over a year.
The service is outstanding & most of all quick.
Last week, my laptop died without warning & 4 hours later, I was working on my new one.
Highly efficient, responsive, friendly warm service.
Could not say enough about it & would recommend without reservation.

Gary A. Hayes Ph.D
Founder, President, Owner
Traditions Behavioral Health (TBH)


We recommend (DMC) highly and you have been a life saver for us for 7 years; 2 yrs. personally with home PCs and over the last 5 yrs. been critical to our start up businessFit’n’Furry

The Uptown Theatre

David Mercer has been a great help in getting us set up as a new business.  He provided us with Google Apps, Phones, computer lines, overall assistance with getting our new computers set up and he continues to be our go to person for all computer related issues. David is patient, smart, helpful and always available when we need him.  He’s the best!


David Mercer provides computer service to Auto-Bio in several areas…network, back up, email, etc.  We have been using David Mercer Consulting for over 5 years and  the reasons are….accessibility, response, knowledge, professionalism and a genuine interest in helping resolve any issues we have.  There are lots of computer consultants out there –and I know from personal assistance – when you find one like David, you better keep him.

McClelland Priest B&B

McClelland-Priest B&B had been with you since the beginning and truly respect your expertise and attention to our business. Web serving had always run smoothly, as your business has grown you have always made certain that the server and staff remained efficient. When we have called you have always responded, if you could not personally visit last minute then you would fix it asap remotely. As a business owner I have also learned a great deal along the way, and enjoy being able to plug in and take my business on the road almost anywhere, with your help and assistance with Google apps.

Wine Country Broadcasting

For over a decade KVON 1440 and 99.3 The Vine has leaned on David Mercer Consulting for all of their IT needs.From system integrations to software upgrades and compatibility to internal network stability to web design, they have always provided us with professional support, advice, and installation services.For a business that relies 80 percent on technology to function, we trust David Mercer Consulting with all our IT needs.

Marla Steele

David has been our computer guru for more than 10 years. He does our installation, maintenance, web hosting and trouble shooting– and luckily with his guidance there hasn’t been much need for that!
He also created a simple way for me to access and edit my website which was perfect for the non-techie person that I am. Plus it allows me to focus my energies on other areas of running a small business.
He is always timely, reliable, trustworthy and fun to work with, but more importantly, he has the approval of our cats!