Remote Support

Computer users:

  1. Click here to let DMC connect to your computer
    (Only do this when requested to by a DMC representative)

You’ll be directed to a new page and the download will start – please monitor your download window or bottom of web page for the download to complete – NOTE: It will ask you whether you want to redo the download on the page, but this is not normally necessary.

2. Run the downloaded program, and give the DMC representative your ID and password, if needed.

MobileĀ users:

iOS devices

Android devices

DMC will now be able to control your computer – you can see everything that is done,
and you can share the mouse and keyboard as well.
When DMC is done, they will close the connection – your computer will have been unchanged.
If you want to manually close the connection, simply terminate the program.
If for some reason the remote control program is still running on your computer, please close it for maximum security.