Wireless Installations

Does your company or place of business need reliable Wifi? Its not always good enough to use whatever your router came with. You may end up with dead spots, slow speeds, and lowered security.

Do you want to offer your guests wireless internet? Don’t give out your wifi password! (Akin to handing them the keys to your house) Don’t assume that even a “guest” network on your router is really safe – many don’t block your guests from seeing each others traffic, and if setup incorrectly, can still expose your devices.

We provide free evaluations and will come out to your location to see the best way to accomplish your goals.

Did you know you can:

  • Monitor your network traffic for both your employees and guests?
  • Setup a splash page where you can ask your guests to check in via facebook, use a voucher (integrated and at no additional cost), use a password, or charge via PayPal?
  • Integrate with 3rd party systems to integrate with a property management system for hotels and B&B’s?
  • Create up to 4 distinct wireless networks for private or public use, each with their own settings?
  • Have a self healing system if one of the access points loses connectivity or power?
  • As part of the small monthly fee, get fast replacements and ongoing support?

We do offer support plans for those who want ongoing assistance and support with this system. Included for those clients on support plans with us.