Synology Network Attached Storage

Have you ever found a need for yourself, or your staff, to access your common files from wherever you are? Without using cloud services? To maintain security and safety?

We can help you with that.

Just a few of the things Synology equipment can do for you:

  • Share files easily and safely, with your team, or anyone else you’d like, including a password and validity period if desired – get files of any size to someone without worrying about mail bounce, using drop box, or any other service.
  • Access files from anywhere, desktop, laptop, mobile device, Apple and PC. No extra software required.
  • Centralized storage, sync with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and others if desired.
  • Backup your computers to centralized storage
  • Backup Synology to another synology offsite, or the cloud; redundant disks will also reduce failures
  • Share folders on a per user or group basis
  • Have your photos sync to the synology at home from your mobile device
  • Store and access photos, videos, and audio files from the Synology with a variety of devices
  • Replace your old server with a simple, safe storage platform
  • Get the benefits of the cloud without the cloud
  • Add-on packages provide even more services

Synology units don’t need to be expensive – we recommend and setup units costing as little as $400 with drives installed.

Please Contact Us if you’d like more information or to meet to discuss!